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Betathlon Ltd is a Cypriot company which, through the brand name CYBET, operates in the area of sports betting in Cyprus.
Betathlon Ltd possesses a betting acceptance license Class A’ (A002) by the Cypriot Betting Authority (www.nba.com.cy).

The company’s activities have started in 2012 with the operation of 23 betting shops, in all provinces of Cyprus. High odds, reliability in payments and the great variety in betting types have given the company, since the first year of its operation, a place among the best betting companies in Cyprus. Today, the company operates around 40 betting shops throughout Cyprus, which have been distributed geographically in a way to serve as many customers as possible.

The company’s target:

To become the first company in the industry, ensuring full satisfaction of its customers by offering the best odds, fast and reliable payment of winnings, always with integrity and professionalism.


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